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Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Planning for many can be hard and stressful. More often than not the host gets lost in the planning process and trying to make sure that every little detail is perfect that they forget what or who the party is for, and more importantly forget to have fun.

Don't overthink the little things. There are 3 components to put on an amazing party,

1. Venue

2. Food

3. Atmosphere

Your venue sets the scene with little to no effort on your end. Whether your planning a Rustic themed wedding and you book a country farm, or you're planning a Sweet 16 party and you book a concert venue the theme of the party will be displayed throughout the venue of your choosing. If you pick the proper venue for your theme, most are so stunning that minimal decorations are required.

Food is MUST at parties! People come together over food. Good food makes people happy. You can tie your food options to your theme very easily, for example, if you are planning a Rustic wedding some dinner options can include BBQ or light Tuscan dinner with such appetizers like charcuterie boards with hints of rosemary. Beverages also need to match the menu so your guests can wash their pallet with a nice compliment to the meal. If you choose a BBQ menu, a good beer to serve is a nice lemon Summer Shandy, its the perfect zing in between each bite of BBQ beef brisket.

Party planning does not need to be difficult, remember what the goal of the party is. Do you want everyone to have fun? Do you want people to dance? Do you want people to chat over drinks? Your venue and food options automatically add to the atmosphere, so the final step is to decide the music or entertainment ,to set the tone. If you choose to hire a DJ, you are aiming for a more lively party that will be fun, and encourage dancing, and if you are looking for the sound of peaceful music to be in the background while guests are chatting you would want to hire a violinist.

For whatever party or event you are planning just work on these 3 party components, venue, food, and atmosphere, then just go with it. Don't forget to have fun along the way, because a happy host means happy guests which means you put on a great party!

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