What kind of bride are you?

Defining what kind of bride you are will help create the perfect wedding. Everything from decorations and desserts to your dress and song choices all depend on the type of bride you are. There are 5 types of brides: Modern, Playful, Classic, Romantic, and Natural. We want you to take a minute and think about who you are and if any of these descriptions match your personality: Modern: Very fashion forward, fun, hip, unconventional Playful: Effortless, easy, relaxed Classic: T

Just Breathe

Planning for many can be hard and stressful. More often than not the host gets lost in the planning process and trying to make sure that every little detail is perfect that they forget what or who the party is for, and more importantly forget to have fun. Don't overthink the little things. There are 3 components to put on an amazing party, 1. Venue 2. Food 3. Atmosphere Your venue sets the scene with little to no effort on your end. Whether your planning a Rustic themed wed