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What kind of bride are you?

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Defining what kind of bride you are will help create the perfect wedding. Everything from decorations and desserts to your dress and song choices all depend on the type of bride you are. There are 5 types of brides: Modern, Playful, Classic, Romantic, and Natural. We want you to take a minute and think about who you are and if any of these descriptions match your personality:

Modern: Very fashion forward, fun, hip, unconventional

Playful: Effortless, easy, relaxed

Classic: Timeless, traditional

Romantic: Fairy tale, dreamy, extravagant

Natural: Earthy, whimsical, zen

Your wedding should be tailored to your personality, as we cannot express enough, "This is your day, This is your time, This is it!" By defining who you are the color schemes you pick will be reflected throughout the wedding , for example, if you are a "Natural," bride some color ideas include pumpkin, cranberry, ivory, and forest greens. If you consider yourself to be a more "Playful," bride your colors will be more geared towards lilac, cotton candy, and pistachio. A good idea is to carry out your color scheme throughout every aspect of your wedding, from invitations and dress accents to table linens and center pieces.

Flowers speak volumes at a wedding, and without words can express a lot abut your character. Flowers that resemble a "Modern," bride are tulips, orchids, and white daises. A "Romantic," bride may lean more towards roses and sweet peas. Of course any flowers you pick will be perfect as you picked them for your special day!

Every little detail matters and should have your special touch, letting your guests know this is your wedding! "Appearances make impressions but it is personality that makes and impact,"- Our advice is to find yourself, be true to who you are, and make your wedding YOURS!

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